Classic Koryu Dai Yon

Classic Koryu Dai On  

Performed by Don Bishop and Steve Sharpe

Koryu Dia Yon as performed by the Aikido Development Society, Notice in the first and second sets we have an extra technique (number 8) that most others do not have. 

First Set 

1. Migi-Katate-Dori.
2. Hidari-Katate-Dori.
3. Migi-Katate-Dori.
4. Hidari-Katate-Dori.
5. Migi-Katate-Dori.
6. Hidari-Katate-Dori.
7. Ushiro-Ryote-Dori.
8. Mokote-Dori.

Second Set 

9. Migi-Katate-Dori with counter technique.
10. Hidari-Katate-Dori with counter technique.
11. Migi-Katate-Dori with counter technique.
12. Hidari-Katate-Dori with counter technique.
13. Migi-Katate-Dori with counter technique.
14. Hitari-Katate-Dori with counter technique.
15. Ushiro-Ryote-Dori with counter technique.
16. Morote-Dori with counter technique.


Third Set 

17. Migi-Gyaku-Gamae-Ate.
18. Hidari-Gyaku-Gamae-Ate.
19. Uchinage or Uchi-Kaiten-Nage.
20. Sukui-Nage.
21. Ushiro-Waza-Kote Gaeshi.
22. Jyuji-Garami-Nage.
23. Tentai-Oshi-Taoshi.
24. Tentai-Hiji-Garami.
25. Tentai-Sukui-Nage.
26. Ryote-Mochi-Uki-Otoshi.
27. Tentai-Kote-Kugiki.
The video footage as shown here, was taken during the 1990s when Steve Sharpe, Steve Billett (who was behind the camera), Kevin Honor and Simon Clarke were training with Don Bishop at the Whittingham Youth Centre club in Walthamstow. Unfortunately for us Don Bishop did not perform all of the kata’s………