Aikido Masters – Morihei Ueshiba

First son born (Takemori), July

Serves as town councilman in Kamiyubetsu village, June 1918-April 1919

Leaves Hokkaido in December due to father’s illness. Turns land and property over to Sokaku Takeda

Meets Onisaburo Deguchi of Omoto religion in Ayabe, Kyoto Prefecture. Father (Yoroku) dies in January. Returns to Tanabe. Moves with family to Ayabe (site of Omoto religion)Builds “Ueshiba Juku” dojo. Second son born (Kuniharu), August. First son dies (Takemori), August. Second son dies (Kuniharu), September

Third son born (Kisshomaru – birth name Koetsu), June

Mother (Yuki) dies Sokaku Takeda visits Ayabe along with family to teach, staying from circa April 28 to September 15 Receives “kyoji dairi” (teaching assistant) certificate from Takeda (September)

Goes to Mongolia with Onisaburo Deguchi with goal of establishing a utopian community. (February to July) The party, led by Onisaburo Deguchi, including Ueshiba, is captured and held prisoner by the Chinese military for plotting the overthrow of the existing government. Released after short period of internment through intervention of Japanese consulate and returned to Japan.

Gives demonstration in Tokyo for former Prime Minister Gombei Yamamoto at Isamu Takeshita’s residence. First vision

Moves to Tokyo with entire family, Establishes temporary dojo in billiard room of Count Shimazu’s mansion in Shiba, Shirogane in Sarumachi.